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List of Girls Hair cutting names with Picture

List of Girls Hair cutting names with Picture

We collect a list of girls hair cutting names with Picture.Long and healthy hair for all to admire. If someone has long hair, it is difficult to go to the females for a haircut. But cutting hair is important because it helps to make your hair healthier. Today we are here with some hairstyles for girls. Now a day every girl wants to look stylish and in beauty main thing is hairs so if hairs look stylish then you can make your personality groom.

Hair cutting names

10 girls Hair Cutting name Hair Cutting Region
Easy Pixie Haircut for Red Hair US
Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs Italian
Cute Short French
Trendy Short Wavy Italian
Straight Bob Haircut US
Short Layered Asian
Shaved Pixie Haircut Chinese
Long Bob Haircut US
Inverted Long Bob Haircut French
High Ponytail with French Braided Bangs US
  • U-shaped hair cutting girls

If you do not lose length want and also want the right shape and then cut and shaped hair cutting is the best option. U-shaped hair-cutting is simple and elegant appearance hair. The U-shaped haircut is best for long hair and it is easy to cut this type of hair to manage. If you add more style want to cut your hair, then you can ask your hairdresser to cut one or after it formed and cut your long hair two steps. It is your u-shaped hair cut more stylish.

U-shaped hair cutting girls

  • V-shaped hair cutting girls

The V-shaped haircut is another option for you if you have long hair and you are planning to cut the hair or hair reshape. V-shaped haircut your hair very glamorous look give without sacrificing length. Just like the u-shaped hair cut two or more steps can cut V-shaped hair if you have long hair.

V-shaped hair cutting girls

  • Layers hair cutting girls

Layers “cutting is best for all hair types. It fits on curly hair and on straight. You can use different hairstyles try if you have long hair with the correct layer cutting. Long straight hair with blow-drying can be very attractive appearance. You can also increase the volume of hair by blow drying and cut layer.

Layers hair cutting girls

  • Feather hair cutting girls

If you have thin hair and want to add volume and bounce to the hair they have to go for spring haircut. This is the best hair cutting styles for thinning hair. You can display in our gallery spring haircut look at pictures to see.

Feather hair cutting girls

  • Step hair cutting girls

Step haircut is the most famous hair cutting style. It always remains in vogue, we can say that there is always green hair cut style. Step haircut is best that people who want for people to disguise their age. You can look younger this hair cut. Many stars of belly wood and Hollywood have this kind of haircut. Pictures of different hairstyles are also shown below.

Step hair cutting girls

  • Clean Bob Haircut

Clean bob haircut is an ideal haircut for girls who want to keep short hair. Clean Bob Haircut is especially very suitable for the little cute girls. It is a very classy and easy to maintain haircut. It is very easy to maintain haircut as you are in hurry and rush outside and have not sufficient time to make a very appropriate hair style of your hair so just keep this haircut and you have to just comb your hair and you are ready to go outside. This is ideal and an appropriate haircut for little girls as mums have no worry to set different hairstyles for their cuties they just make this classy and beautiful hairstyle on their princesses and they look just perfect.

Clean Bob Haircut

  • Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers are very famous haircut nowadays. Girls tend to more toward this haircut. This is for both medium and long hair. Face Framing layers as the name are the full description of the haircut but about its details, the haircut makes the layers of the hair which are of different length. Usually, the first layer ends up to the chin and after that other layers start downwards.

Face Framing Layers

  • Short, medium and long layers

This is very up-to-date hairstyle nowadays. This is very amazing and fabulous haircut. It gives all type of layers in the hair short, medium and long. This is an ideal haircut for long hair. It is a very exciting haircut which gives the variety of hairstyles with it like messy hair bun, shaggy ponytail, Braids.

Short, medium and long layers


  • Front Layer
Front Layer hairstyle is one of the most Popular and highly adaptive hairstyles nowadays. Lots of ladies and as well as teenagers are doing this haircut. This hairstyle mostly suits the girls with the heavy hair. In this Haircut, many layers of hair are cut the first layer come short and then big layer come.
Front Layer hair cutting
  • Tapered Ends
Tapered End is one of the high fashioned hairstyle and highly adaptive in Foreign countries. This is for both Men and women.Both can do this haircut. In this Haircut, a bulk of Hair remove and hair are then coloured. This haircut looks very stylish.
Tapered Ends hair cutting for girls
  • Easy Pixie Haircut
This is one of the cool, stylish and amazing haircuts. It is easy to handle and mostly favourable in the summer when you don’t want your hair to bother you.
Easy Pixie Haircut
  • Short hairstyle with side Swept Bangs
This is for the short hair and it is very stylish and cool hairstyle. Just looks awesome and cool. It is very cute and trendy haircut and perfect for the summer look.
Short hairstyle with side Swept Bangs
  • Short Wavy Hairstyle
This is a short hair Haircut and looks very awesome and trendy haircut. It is just innovated a few years ago and become very popular in European countries. It gives a texture and volumes on the top of the head.
Short Wavy Hairstyle
  • Red Hair Easy Pixie Haircut

If you want to make a fresh and cool look this summer, the short fruit hair is your perfect choice. It is characterised by uniform layers of super short length.

Red Hair Easy Pixie Haircut

  • Trendy Short Haircutting

This special short wavy hairstyle is characterised by a textured and voluminous top. It will work better on thick hair.

Trendy Short Haircutting

10 Girls Hair Cut names

Inverted Long Bob Haircut

Inverted Long Bob Haircut

There is no doubt that the dark coloured hair is able to look any hairstyle luscious. It is a good idea to have a long bob haircut for girls with medium hair.

Long Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

Long Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

The long Bob haircut is one of the most flattering hairstyles for girls. It looks fabulous on smooth hair that ends above the shoulders.

Shaved Haircut for Short Blond Hair

Shaved Haircut for Short Blond Hair

Here is a wonderful way to make your short hairstyle cool and chic with shaved undercut at the side. The outer layers are strongly tapered for a slightly repelled effect.

Shaved Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair

Shaved Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair

Here is a polished way to style a short hair for girls. For this sleek and lush look, you may need to apply a lot of hair pomade over the length.

Straight Bob Haircut

Straight Bob Haircut

It is a trendy way to have a straight Bob haircut this season. The lower line gradually decreases from back to front and ends under the chin.

Hair cutting names for long hair

10 Best Hair cutting names for long hair

Front Layers Front Layers
Long With Tight Curls Long With Tight Curls
All Around Layers All Around Layers
Long and Subtle Long and Subtle
Tapered Ends Tapered Ends
Diagonal Lines Diagonal Lines hair cutting
V Shape hair cut V Shape hair cut
Back U Shape hair cut Back U Shape hair cut
Long Side Swept Bangs Long Side Swept Bangs
Blunt hair Cut Blunt hair Cut

Important Things at The Time of cutting

Cutting Club

Sometimes it is called blunt cutting and is often used when cutting the sides and the top of the hair. The haircut is kept out of the head and cut off at the points/points.

Scissors and clipper over comb

Scissors and clippers over comb is a hairstyle method with the comb as a guide for cutting in areas where the hair is too short for a finger guide, such as in the neck area and around the ears.


Using the length of the outer line as a guide, the hair is held away from the head away from the mass away from the outer line.


With scissors or razor, the hair can either be diluted to increase the volume at the root by reducing the weight or softening the characteristics of a style.


Freehand is not a technique but is used with the hairdresser discretion. For example, with the features of the head as a guide, the hairdresser could cut a straight first guideline by cutting hands-free.


The hair is cut to different lengths to produce a variety of different appearance, short hair can be textured to give a spiky look, long hair can be made to be ragged or less uniform look and with a combination of long and short Hair more fashionable looks can be achieved.

Haircut combinations

All of the above hair cutting techniques can be used in conjunction with each other. There are many hair cutting combinations that can be used to create any number of exciting new hairstyles.