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List of Japanese baby Boys Names

List of Japanese baby Boys Names

Here you can find List of Japanese baby boys names. You can apply these names.Find baby names of all shapes and sizes here at Top 100 Baby names. Look for our Japanese baby names and other great world names. You will discover name variants, articles and more that entertain, inform and amuse you.

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List of Japanese baby Boys Names

Japanese Boys Names

  • Akemi meaning is beauty of dawn
  • Akihiko meaning is shining prince
  • Akihiro meaning is bright scholar
  • Akira meaning is bright and clear dawn
  • Amida meaning is name of Buddha
  • Arakan meaning is worthy one; hero
  • Atsushi meaning is cordial; industrious
  • Daichi meaning is great first son
  • Daisuke meaning is great helper
  • Eichi meaning is wisdom
  • Ena Meaning is gift from God
  • Ezume meaning is pure water; pond
  • Fudo meaning is god of fire and wisdom
  • Fujita meaning is field
  • Goro meaning is fifth son
  • Hachiro meaning is Eighth son
  • Hajime meaning is beginning
  • Haru meaning is born in spring
  • Isao meaning is honor; merit
  • Joji meaning is farmer