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List of Beautiful Places in Iceland 2017

List of Beautiful Places in Iceland 2017

We have a list of beautiful places in Iceland 2017. These beautiful places attract the tourism. You can enjoy these places with your friends and family.Iceland source of income is tourism.Located on the edge of the famous Arctic Circle and is one of the most active volcanic spots in the world, Iceland is its popularity every day, when it comes to tourism. Iceland currently has the reputation across Europe to be one of the most impressively beautiful places.

  • Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland

The popular man-made geothermal spa with crystal clear water is the only place on earth you can swim all year round in 40 degrees Celsius water, and yet surrounded by ice and snow. One area where there is a by-product of the geothermal power plant Svartsengi, the lagoon rich mineral content is to be helpful to a variety of settings known.

  • Golden Circle

Golden Circle Iceland

The name Golden Circle could be a tourist industry tag, but it is also suitable, as this wide circuit east of Reykjavík covers many known of Islands features and touches the root of much of its history. The key area is Þingvellir, marks it’s dramatic and geologically unstable fracture grave where the Icelandic State jumped into the Viking Age to be.

  • National Museum of Iceland

National Museum of Iceland

The museum offers a variety of interesting exhibitions and a permanent exhibition illustrating the history of Icelandic wasteful past, from the medieval days of Viking settlements on current contemporary culture. The main exhibition has discovered more than 2,000 artifacts in different parts of the country.