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Pakistan Vs India War 2016 Updates- Breaking News

Pakistan Vs India War 2016 Updates- Breaking News 

See Latest updates Pakistan and India War 2016 breaking news. Could India and Pakistan really go to war? It almost seems to ask an absurd question.After all, both countries have long been nuclear powers Рa deterrent effect, which includes the life of a combined 1.4 billion people. Both nations also have some years of relative calm along their border, a break from the wars saw the pockmarked the 20th century.


Yet hours, after 18 were in an attack on a military base in India, managed Kashmir killed, announced the general director of military operations for the Indian army that terrorists supported the transition that “had Pakistani markings.

An Indian soldier takes position during a barracks attack, near the border with Pakistan, September 18th 2016th
The claim triggered a flood of anger on social media.
“Pakistan is a terrorist state, and it should be identified and isolated as such,” tweeted Rajnath Singh, India’s interior minister.