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How much is fitrana 2017 USA

How much is fitrana 2024 USA

You live in the US and you want to know how much Fitrana 2024 in the USA. Fitrana minimum amount is fixed.Fitrana second name is Fidya and it’s necessary to pay before Eid Namaz. You are 5 members in a home you pay minimum fix amount on all members ( 5 X  ? = ) and give to needy peoples. The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has announced the Fitra and Fidya amounts for Ramadaan 1438. This year, Fitra Shafi uses R40 / Hanafi R22, equivalent to 3 kg of rice (basic food). Fidya Shafi R10 / Hanfi R22, which is three-quarters of a kilogramme of rice. ,

“We recommend that Fitrana is paid in the way the original form of payment fitrana in the Shafi madhab in the Western Cape,” said the MJC Fatwa Department in a statement.

How much is fitrana 2017 USA

Efforts should be made to pay it personally in the basic food and preferably earlier in the month Ramadaan as opposed to later.

Fidyah is a daily allowance that must be paid by those who are not fast due to pregnancy or illness. Fitrana is a compulsory donation that every Muslim must pay to ensure that no Muslim remains hungry on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

In the Shafi school of thought, Fitrana is calculated by weighing 2.5 kg of the country’s basic foods such as wheat or rice, which must be converted into cash. This amount must be paid by the landlord in the name of each family member in the household. The sum can be paid in the name of all children or spouses, including those who can support themselves, as well as older parents who live in the house.

The fitrana and fidyah amount is a “bare minimum” and those who can afford to increase the number according to their means.

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