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Copper Saucepan

Copper Saucepan

Here you can see Cooper Saucepan to buy.Cooking pot completes with lid. Made of 2.5 mm thick native copper foil. Hand-tinplated inside with 100% pure tin. Brass handles with copper rivets. Come in 5 different sizes, from 1 qt to 6 qt.

All our products are made by hand with very pure native copper, hammered all over the surface, tinned inside with high purity tin by hand applied the traditional way. The handles are made of brass.

Copper Saucepan 2017

Copper Saucepan


Featured Stores Made In Italy
Size X-Small
Width 5.50 inches
Height 3.50 inches
Pattern Solid
Color pink orange
Material Copper, Brass
Finish Type Semi-Gloss