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Countries that start with Y

Countries that start with Y

We have the list of Countries that start with Y. There are just 1 countries that start with Y. There is just 1 country that starts with Y letter.We gather all the countries which start with the alphabet letter Y and there is also some highlights about these countries.If you want information about the countries to start with Y then this article will prove helpful for you people.Following are the countries.

  • Yemen

Yemen is a desert country in the Middle East at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered to the west by the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb street, in the north of Saudi Arabia and in northeastern Oman. Yemen has maritime borders with Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia.

With an area of 527,970 square kilometers (including the islands of Perim and Socotra), the country is about the size of Sweden or about twice the size of Wyoming.

26 million people live in the country. The largest city and the national capital, Sana’a, is located in a mountain valley at an altitude of 2,200 m, the old city of Sana’a is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yemen’s primary seaport and commercial center are Aden. The official language is Arabic.

Countries that start with Y

Yemen Country that start with Y

North Yemen became independent from the Ottoman Empire, the British in 1918, which had set a protectorate area up around the southern port of Aden in the 19th century, withdrew in 1967 from what became South Yemen. Three years later, the southern government adopted a Marxist orientation. The massive exodus of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis from the south to the north contributed to two decades of hostility between the states. The two countries have been official as the Republic of Yemen united A southern secessionist movement in 1994 was quickly subdued in 1990. In 2000, Saudi Arabia and Yemen agreed to limit their border.