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GTA 8 Rumors vs Reality

GTA 8 Rumors vs Reality

GTA 8 Rumors or reality you nowadays very gamer think about this GTA 8 When coming.Rockstar GTA series is one of the most popular series of action-adventure open world crime and RPGs. Rockstar North is not only limited to Grand Theft Auto only, but its base is GTA series only. Rockstar has started Theft Auto version recently the fifth Grand, and it leads to a huge success. So now all diehard fans of GTA series expect a new adventure and excitement in GTA. 8

GTA 8 Released date

Some of Grand Theft Auto fans wonder when will GTA published 8. So this article will be the answer for all those who want to know more news about GTA. 8

This article will be updated each time, when we get some related news or rumors.

First of all, can find out what is the latest version of GTA?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest one for the current date.It was in 2013, and the next game published, which is published by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto is 6. And we have clear conviction that there are for us in 2018 is available.After GTA 7. And to be the main release date of GTA 7 released due to some facts and rumors, could be in the year 2022nd.

As you can see, there are two released version of GTA 5 and GTA 8. So we can say with a high degree of certainty that 8 GTA will not be released in any case to the next 10 years. Maybe if Rockstar Games to start some plans for GTA 8, and they decide to develop this game series, Grand Theft Auto 8 can not be earlier than in 2030 available.

GTA 8 Rumors vs Reality