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Download WGSN fashion trend forecast 2020 PDF

WGSN fashion trend forecast 2021 PDF

Here you can get WGSN Fashion We all had different dreams about this future and when it gets closer it is clear that it will be one Time to shape society for future generations. The importance of new voices, cross-generational perspectives and a world in which Our emotional needs cannot be met by a smartphone, we’ll pull away tired Marketing, traditional corporate structures, and mass consumption. We’ll fix what’s broken instead of breaking what works.

Download WGSN fashion trend forecast 2021 PDF

If people lose confidence in the government, companies will intervene to solve broader social problems, from housing to the common good. Large companies are starting to admit that their size and build are both a privilege and a responsibility. Companies will increasingly participate in political dialogues, occupy brand positions and serve social purposes.

Optimism is high for African youth, and Global interest in Africa will increase if the appetite for new ideas and stories grows. By 2021, African creative minds are approaching Design with limitless thinking, embrace a really global perspective.

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