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Ahri build 6.19

Ahri build 6.19

Ahri build 6.19

We have information about Ahri build 6.19.Basically, your key points are proton belt, things cdr and things out there that are Mana (need not always be Morello). Your goal is proton belt, 40% cdr (precision> Intelligence) to obtain and sorcerers shoes. Once you have those three things, that is your absolute highest peak and your ability to solo, the game port is enabled as Ahri. This should be your usual build path:

Ahri build 6.19

Ring+pots > ring > revolver > lost chapter > proto > sorcs > morello

You will receive the second ring with Revolver great laning power to acquire (extremely efficient products) and then lost chapter before completion photo belt so you can infinitely Mana (if on your first you have again enough gold for Revolver + chapter you do not need a second ring). With Proto, the fun begins. Let us burst damage against 30 or compares Level 9:

Build Full combo damage Gold per damage
Morello+ludens 1439 4,2
Morello+sorcs+large rod+wisp 1348 4,5
Proto+morello 1536 3,5
Proto+chapter+2 tomes+sorcs 1608 3,3

The Proto builds less expensive and a lot more damage. This is because Proto is basically an AoE DFG with a 40s cooldown. It is 330 + 77% AP, Ahri the midgame of ~ 40% burst to increase and late game to ~ 30% burst.


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  4. Abilities
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  7. How to Build
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  9. Vision/Warding
  10. Tips & Tricks and Common Mistakes
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  13. Thoughts on Ahri
  14. Finally…
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