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Download 2017 League of Angels 2

Download 2017 League of Angels 2

You can Download New game League of Angels 2.League of Angels is a fantasy turn-based browser MMORPG which save with the forces of evil churning, looking for players in a turbulent world throws a hierarchy of beautiful angel.

This, in turn, is based MMO has players flocking power to use on their sacred search looking for gold and equipment to increase their heroes and parties with all his strength. Better equipment can be found by the question and also special events. The Players.

Download 2017 League of angels

Both the Warrior and Mage classes come as male or female, and play according to traditional tank / Caster models. Battle is orchestrated primarily of hero and party positioning, so that plan-of-attack is the ultimate system for the victory. Players can participate in daily battles Cross server that collected spread of the points on the map rewards players based on their battle PvP and resources.


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