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Hero Tier List

Hero Tier List

We have Hero Tier list 0.27. Today I will walk all over an animal list with you. For those of you who MOBA / RPG games are new. An ‘animal-list’ is a list of characters or classes of each game, which show how much the character or class impacts the game.
Back to this patch most people the animal list would agree almost class was exclusive. Not quite, but almost.
ADC is incredible with Jungler / Assassin types on a game has little influence, comparatively. Please note I do not say a Crux or Killer hard book are incapable, but the amount of effort and skill to do it so, accepts, but also the potential of their effect on a competitive level, taking into account . They are a little to be desired.

Hero Tier List

Hero Tier List 0.27

S tier – Heros who are “God Tier” which basically means they are almost unconditionally viable to any team comp
A tier – Heros who are at the top of their respective roles
B tier – Heros are viable in many situations or have a useful role in a key part of the game
C tier – Heros are viable but require a team built around them to do what they do best
D tier – Heros that could be good but are way too situational with the current state of the game
F tier – Heros that desperately need a buff because they are simply too weak

Patch Notes 0.27 Hero Tier List

S tier – Muriel
A tier – Twin Blast, Gideon, Steel, Dekker, Feng Mao
B tier – Murdock, Iggy & Scorch, Gadget, Riktor
C tier – Sparrow, Kallari, Sevarog, Rampage, Grux
D tier – Grim.exe, Howitzer
F tier –

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