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List of feelings and emotions with definitions

List of feelings and emotions with definitions

Here you can see a list of feelings and emotions with definitions. Feelings what are actually the word feelings means it basically comprises our emotion, our state of mind or anything we are going through in our mind or heart. Feelings are not of one type there are several types of feelings. Feelings are the personal thing of a person it is not compulsory that two persons standing nearby are feeling exactly same the feelings of the two people vary from one another and sometimes two people possess the same feeling like when a baby is crying both the father and mother feel anxiety and when that their child to stop crying. Or maybe a baby is crying mother feel anxiety and on the same time the father may be angry. Feelings can be changed within few second or maybe our feelings took a time to change. There are following some types of the feelings which every person go through.

Feelings and emotions with definitions


Feelings and emotions with definitions

Fear is an unpleasant feeling. It comes when a person is not happy or affected by something. This feeling comes when a person perceived the danger or some treat from human, animal or any other creature. Fear effects out inner system which cause a change in our behavior like we start shivering or sweating.


Anger Feeling kids

Anger is a type of the feelings. It comes as a response when we are not happy with something or gets offended by something or by someone. It is an emotional response and present in every creature. It is also changing our attitude and behavior toward the other person.


Sadness feelings kids

Sadness is the feeling comes when we get hurt and when we are lonely. This feeling comes when something bad happens or something opposite to our wish. Mostly the person feeling sad wants to be alone.


Joy feeling kids

Joy is a happy feeling when something good or pleasant happens then the feeling of joy comes. In this feeling, the person becomes very happy and active. It causes proud, satisfaction and relief.


Disgust kids emotion

Disgust is the most unpleasant feeling. This feeling comes when a person touches, taste or sees something very bad, unpleasant or nasty. Disgust feeling also based on the beliefs, religion or personal experiences.


Trust feelings

Trust is the feeling when we are happy with someone and totally rely on him/her. This feeling comes when we are sure about someone or something.

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