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5 Pink Hair Color Ideas To Spice Up Your Looks for 2019

Here you can see 5 Pink Color Ideas to Spice up your Look 2018. Pink hair color is the go-to choice for today’s trendsetters. Pink is the at the top of the list for feminine colors and is always a stylish choice. Take a peek!

Pink hair color shades run the gamut from dusty pink and pastel pink to neon pink, and everywhere in between. You can tone down the intensity and shock value by going with pink undertones, pink highlights or pink peekaboo highlights. Or you can ramp it up with a pink ombre, pink balayage, or a full head of pink hair.

pink hair color ideas

Pink Hair Color Ideas To Spice Up Your Looks


  • 1. Pastel Pink Hair Color
  • 2. Dusty Pink Hair Color
  • 3. Rose Gold Hair Color
  • 4. Bubble Gum Pink Hair Color
  • 5. Hot Pink Hair Color
  • 6. Taffy Pink Hair Color
  • 7. Blonde Baby Pink Hair Color
  • 8. Pink Balayage Hair Color
  • 9. Candy Pink Roots with Blonde Hair
  • 10. Pink Hair For Black Women

There’s an endless number of combinations of pink hair dye colors, pink hairstyles, and coloring techniques. So how do you decide what is right for you? Consider your personality, your hair type and hair length, your job, and what your hair goals are. Then take a look at our collection of amazingly fine pink hairstyles and see what inspires you.

Check out our pink hair color ideas for your next new look:

1. Pastel Pink Hair Color

Pastel pink is an amazing hair color choice for those looking for a soft yet attention-seeking style. This pink hairstyle is a sure bet to boost your feminine side. Let’s have a peek at this fabulous pink color.

long pastel pink hair color

A pastel pink hair color for long, straight, thin hair. Fine hair works well with lighter hair colors because thin hair is easier and faster to bleach and color. Going with a pastel pink color makes this hairstyle a bit more delicate to complement the look.

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wavy pastel pink hair color

A pastel pink hair color for short wavy hair makes a bold statement. Be prepared to turn a lot of heads with this hairstyle.

curly pastel pink hair color

Go all in with a long curly pastel pink hairstyle. It’s a higher maintenance look, so you might reserve it for special occasions.

short pastel pink hair color

A sassy, short pastel pink shag hairstyle works well as a new look. It’s a beautiful accent to brighten any personality.

straight pastel pink hair color

Another look at a long pastel pink hair color. Is it enticing enough for you to try this color yourself? If not, keep scrolling, we’ve got more pink colors for you to see.

2. Dusty Pink Hair Color

If pastel pink is too bright for your style, check out a dusty pink hair color. It’s a subdued shade that tones down the pink hue for a touch more conservativeness. This might just work for a casual office setting, too.

dusty pink hair color highlights

Pairing a dusty pink ombre and balayage further cuts down on the pink factor. Instead, it brings a wonderful highlight to natural walnut brown hair.

long wavy dusty pink hair color

A long dusty pink hair color still shows off plenty of style.

short wavy dusty pink hair color

A dusty pink hair color for short wavy hair with a matching fur collar.

short straight dusty pink hair color

A dusty pink color melt hair color for fine hair that looks amazing.

dusty pink hair color bob

A dusty pink bob shows just enough color to pop from the crowd.

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3. Rose Gold Hair Color

When your hair color absolutely needs to match your rose gold iPhone, it’s time to visit your favorite hair colorist. Ever since that fateful day when Apple release the iPhone 6s, the rose gold hair color has been all the rage. They’ve kept the color in their product line, so for you die-hard Apple fans, please take a closer look at some Rose Gold hairstyles.

long rose gold hair color

Dark brown undertones with a rose gold and blond tips add a flourish to your hairstyle. Perfect for the sunny days in summer.

short messy rose gold hair color

A short, messy golden blonde bob with rose gold highlights brings a sweet, fresh look to your face. Now that’s rose gold.

rose gold hair color with braids

A rose gold balayage hair color with steel blue highlights and braided accents give your followers a lot to look at. Its a work of art that will surely turn heads.

wavy rose gold hair color

A medium length wavy rose gold ombre hair color makes a wonderful frame for your face. If you want to try out this rose gold color without going all in, coloring just the bottom half with a bit of highlights as a transition is one option for you.

short rose gold hair color

Nothing says, I love my pink iPhone more than a rose gold bob. This delicate hairstyle is a fun way to show your playful side. The blended pink balayage keeps the color soft and grounded. The bob hairstyle completes this amazing stylish look.

4. Bubble Gum Pink Hair Color

When you are ready to embrace your inner child, it’s time to go with the bubble gum pink hair color. This baby pink confectionary color harks back to the time when kids played not with cell phones but with Bazooka brand bubble gum. For the fun loving and adventurous souls, this pink hair color is almost good enough to eat. Bring it to your next look!

Let’s see some bubble gum pink hair.

medium bubble gum hair color

A medium straight bubble gum pink color with dark roots is the perfect high-contrast alternative to blonde hair to complement a bronze tan. You’ll surely be the center of attention.

bubble gum hair color

Bubble gum pink hair color for thin hair is on of the best ways to show off your delicate locks. It elevates the beautiful princess fantasy to another level.

straight bubble gum hair color

Bubble gum pink hair is sexy! It’s a girly-girl color that goes with all of your daring fashion designs.

long bubble gum hair color

Bubble gum pink hair is a good match for any fantasy aficionado. It works well with long fine hair.

bubble gum bob

A bubble gum pink bob with blended brown and blonde undertones makes for a sophisticated yet playful look. This hair style is sure to make you smile.

cotton candy bubble gum hair color

Fashion your bubble gum hair color with curls around the back to make this delicious cotton candy look. Better not wear this to the carnival however or you’ll tempt hungry people to pick at your hair.

5. Hot Pink Hair Color

If you’re going out at night and your friends say you have a tendency to get lost in the crowd, then you’ll love a hot pink neon hair color. With it’s near glow-in-the-dark properties, you’ll never get lost again. In fact, with this hot pink hair dye, you’re likely to draw people in much like a bright light bulb attracting flying insects.

Take a look at these neon hairstyles and imagine how they would work for you.

hot pink bob hair color

A short hot pink bob hairstyle that’s bright enough to light up any room. Wearing matching neon pink lipstick gives it even more pop. A very dramatic look for maximum attention seekers.

long neon pink hair color

A long wavy neon pink hair color looks amazing with the baby pink lipstick.

wavy hair with hot pink highlights

Wavy hot pink highlights to show off at the office. Let’s get those heads turning!

short neon pink hair color

A short straight hot pink hair color to amp up your game. Bring the party with you with this neon pink look. A neutral tone lip shade lets the pink frame and highlight your face. Make your eyes pop with mascara and blue eye liner.

neon pink ombre hair color

A neon pink ombre hair color to brighten up your look on a dark day. When you want to go pink for a long time without worrying about your roots showing, a pink ombre hairstyle is your low-maintenance color choice.

Coming up next, taffy pink hair color!

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