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List of Best Places in Iceland for tourism 2024

List of best places in Iceland for tourism 2024. Iceland is one of our favorite countries, so many natural wonders here! Only a few top lists do it without Iceland, therefore we created this list made entirely of Iceland beauties. Have you seen any of them? Aren’t they unbelievable?

Best Places in Iceland for Tourism 2024

10. Whale Watching

The gentle marine giants can be seen from the different locations in the country includingReykjavík. Several companies organize the 2-3 hour whale watching tours. Icelanders also hunt whales, so later you can order it in the restaurant. Cruel, but this is life.

9. Geysers

Due to the volcanic activities underneath the surface, a lot of geysers, underground springs and thermal pools are scattered all around the country. To see a powerful hot stream shooting from the ground is definitely exciting.

8. Landmannalaugar

The multicolored rhyolite mountains, lava fields, and the Hekla volcano make it a popular tourist destination. The striking landscapes look like a different planet. Hiking and horse riding are among the most popular activities here.

7. Maelifell Volcano, Myrdalsjökull Glacier Park

The perfect cone makes Maelifell a classic looking volcano. During the warm season, snow uncovers a lavish green surface, covered with moss. There is plenty to do and see in the park, full of volcanoes, hot springs, and other beautiful sites.

6. Kirkjufell Mountain

Near a small town of Grundarfjörður in the western Iceland, the mountain beautifully sticky out in a plain landscape. In the surroundings of this striking mountain, one can find small waterfalls and admire the Northern Lights at night.

5. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Vatnajökull National Park

The land of ice the country is literally covered in ice and snow. The overwhelmingly beautiful ice caves attract adventurers. The travel agencies organize trips to the glaciers, from where the caves can be visited.

4. Blue Lagoon, Grindavík Best Places in Iceland

A geothermal spa offers the most relaxing natural bathing experience you‘ve never had and is a most tempting attraction, located only 40 minutes away from Reykjavík. The water from the underground hot springs reaches 37 39 ° C and is beneficial for health and skin.

3. Aurora Borealis

The northern phenomenon is also among the most popular attractions. The dazzling lights especially bright this year, due to the increase in solar activity. The lights are best admired in remote places, away from the urban lights.

2. Hallgrímskirkja

The unique church is situated in the middle of Reykjavík. It is the tallest and most recognizable building in the country. The architecture was inspired by the Black Fallsanother Icelandic natural wonder.

1. Gullfoss Waterfall Best Places in Iceland

The gorgeous waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in the country. Located in the canyon, which forms three step terraces, river Hvítá plunges creating a powerful stream and Gullfoss. There are no rails just a natural surroundings.

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