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Hollywood Actress costumes

Halloween 2019 Hollywood Actress costumes

Here you can get Halloween 2019 Hollywood actress costumes to look your favorite. You do not know what to have for this year’s Halloween? Just peek into our spooky crystal ball and experience some of the scariest, sexiest and most amazing Halloween costumes of 2019! The stars really all went out in 2019. Some went solo while others met with a group to complete their look. A person who really did not need anyone to supplement their costume was none other than Paris Hilton. In 2019, the mogul participated in Matthew Morrison’s annual Halloween bash in West Hollywood, which was disguised as a super sexy butterfly. Paris was a vision in pink and blue with two wings that were perfect for the departure for the next party. She combined the look with blue lace-up boots and wore sunglasses with pink and blue accents.

Halloween 2019 Hollywood Actress costumes

If you make fun of this costume, do not worry. Maybe pop culture is more your step? Then check out Kaia Gerber’s costume from 2019, disguised as a character from The Matrix’s 1999 phenomenon. The supermodel looked super-chic in her black leather trench coat and sunglasses when she entered Fran Cutler’s Halloween shindig. Her costume was totally epic, but it was not the only thing that attracted Kaia for the holidays. She later joined her family as a band of famous rock stars. Kaia nailed her costume totally as Joan Jett, while her brother, Presley Gerber, put on a bandana and chains for his costume. The famous siblings met with their parents Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford as a cult rocker. They really did make a band!

While these stars rocked, others wore their costumes. No one likes Halloween like Heidi Klum, and the supermodel proved it again last year. At her 19th annual Halloween party, Heidi was unrecognizable as Princess Fiona of the Shrek franchise. Heidi was absolutely green before Halloween-happiness as an animated ogre. Not only did she wear the velvet green dress that Fiona wore in the movies, but she also wore green latex feet, hands, nose and more to transform herself completely into the character! She also wore colored contact lenses to round off the look. Who knows what she’s going to wear this Halloween, but we know she’ll take the crown at every costume contest.

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