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How many popes have there been

How many popes have there been

You are  thinking about how many popes have there been ? let you explain Since then  there are 266 popes in a continuous line of apostolic succession spanning almost 2000 years. The current pope number is 266.

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This week, our country presents a very special guest. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis began his United Stated trip to Washington, D.C. yesterday to explore by Communist-led Cuba.

The pontiff has 18 planned stations in three States over six days. While in our country, he will meet with the President, address Congress, speaking at the United Nations in New York and be sponsored at a Vatican conference on the family in Philadelphia.

He is ever to visit the fourth pope to the United States.

The last sentence has been wondering … How many popes there? Let’s find out (in what the shortest response to a miracle Why could be Wednesday.

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