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Top 10 Richest man in Cyprus in 2024

This article provides you Top 10 Richest Men in Cyprus in 2024. The island Cyprus since most ancient times was one of the briskest cultural centers of the East Mediterranean. Cyprus – is not the only center of set of monuments of history and culture, but also a powerful point of strategic defense. Owning Cyprus, it is possible to supervise both trading ways, and military communications not only in Turkey and Syria, but also up to coast of Egypt. Therefore so the importance of possession this island for which Byzantines, crusaders, Venetians, Turks and Englishmen struggled at various times is obvious.

The island name occurs from a Latin root «cuprum» — copper. Infinite natural riches — deposits of copper and iron, stocks of emeralds, cedar woods, groves of olive trees and sugar cane plantations, strange fruit and vegetables always did Cyprus by a tidbit for foreigners.  Official languages of islands are Greek and Turkish. Almost each Cypriote speaks in English, many — in French and German.

On Cyprus annually pass numerous celebratings. In May the big flower-shows will be organized, in many cities “flowers parade” is spent. The holiday of oranges happens in January-February in areas of residing of refugees from Famagusta. In May-June (in 50 days after Easter) in seaside cities the unusual holiday of water — Kataklizmos is arranged. Its sources go back to the most ancient festivals in honor of Aphrodite. This day Cypriotes pour each other water; hold competitions by sea kinds of sports, poetic competitions, concerts of amateur performances, an exhibition of national creativity. The wine festival uses a great popularity held in September in Limassol. The holiday program includes free tasting of the Cyprian wines, concerts and theatrical representations.

Nicosia – the applied art Center, here it is possible to visit on the archiepiscopal area with the Palace of the archbishop, to see Freedom statue, an archaeological museum, St. John’s Cathedral constructed in 1662. The city architecture bears on itself prints the Venetian and Turkish influence. Therefore the city is rearranged today diverse enough. Old city centre as though gauging in the middle Ages. Here twisting small streets are filled by low stone houses.

Limassol – the second large city on Cyprus and the largest a resort located at southern coast of island. Even in the winter when the tourist life fades in other cities, to Limassol still hospitably receives visitors. Limassol offers various kinds of pastime. Fans of antiquity can visit various fortresses, museums, churches. We advise to visit Middle Ages Museum. Limassol is not only a resort, but also the large commercial, business, trading and cultural centre.

The antique city of Salamis is one their most important sights of Northern Cyprus. It is a lot of centuries played the leading part in a political, economic and cultural life of antique Cyprus.

Even sometimes say that the history of Salamis is history of Cyprus. The large construction of Salamis is an ancient theatre constructed at the emperor August and calculated on 1500 spectators and 50 rows of seats. Theatre is one of the world’s largest, remained up to now, Roman public buildings which have remained up to now. Theatre Salamis has been destroyed by strong earthquake in 4 century.

At flat coast of a gulf in the island southeast Larnaca was stretched. It is a city-port with quickly developing industry and the trade, one of the important economic centers in the south of island. Among modern constructions you quite often will see also ancient buildings. There, where now modern Larnaca-Kition – one of the most ancient cities-states on Cyprus earlier settled down.

The outstanding philosopher of an antiquity Zenon here was born. The present pearl in a chain of buildings on city quay is the port fortress constructed by Turks in 1625.

 Cyprus combines variety of surprising contrasts. In some minutes it is possible to go down from the cool, mountain tops covered by pines to gold beaches and the warm sea. The silent small villages not touched by time brightly contrast with the most up-to-date business centers of cities, and inhabitants of magnificent coastal hotels can make there and then walk on vicinities on a bosom of her wild nature.

Having got to Cyprus, at once you feel history breath. Inhabitants of Cyprus very much are proud of the cultural heritage which totals more than 9000 years. They are distinguished by hospitality and a kind arrangement to people.

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