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Best Mid Lane Champions

Best Mid Lane Champions

Best Mid Lane Champions

We collect Best Mid Lane Champions List. League of Legends since the last patch has changed. I liked Viktor and Azir, but I think they might be at the moment is not the best? I heard Yasuo is picked in much competitive and the new Maxing E and triforce build I thought he could be.

Here’s what I like to play just for a reference, but I would prefer a list of what is hot right now, with no reference to this list.

  • TF
  • Azir
  • Zed
  • Yasuo
  • Viktor

One last point, there is a better way to find out what is good now? I previously used

Best Mid Lane Champions

Talon can force off course, very easy Viktor. A gank can bait easily the gravity field and then Viktor is a sitting duck to Talon. Once they hit level 6 its easy all in for Talon. Not to mention the roaming potential is much greater than Viktor. Even if you’re struggling in the track, you can not simply go to a Kill bot pick up and start again to trace the snowball -Fest.
Viktor requires more time than Talon to start his snowball, especially so after Hexcore Nerf. I play both much master and I would say that is a person even fit, but in favor of Talon, while he can make more mistakes and survive as the Victor could

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