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LoL Invasion Guide | Best Invasion Champions


Welcome to our League of Legends Invasion Guide, here we will explain some of the basics and advanced things you should know about this new game-type. We have also added an Invasion Best Champions Tier List just in case you’re curious about which Star Guardian is the Best.

  • Amount of Players: 5v5
  • Map: Valoran City Park
  • Mode Type: 5 Player Co-Op, PvE (Player Versus AI)
  • How To Win Invasion: Defeat a series of incoming space monsters, ending with a large Final Boss Fight.

There are Two Queues for Invasion Game Mode.

  • Invasion Mode (Normal)
  • This is the Regular Version of this new Rotating Game Mode.
  • Onslaught Mode
  • How To Unlock: Play the normal Invasion Mode Once.
  • Onslaught is the harder version of the mode, Unlike normal Invasion, which features two fixed rooms. Onslaught’s succession of rooms will be fully randomized within a set and will feature a Scoring System with letter Grades up to S+.

Invasion Rewards

Players will unlock Invasion Rewards by playing the NEW Game mode and completing Missions for Starlight Token Currency. You can then use these tokens to purchase the NEW Horizon Ward or Mystery Champions.


Temporarily Unquie Mastery Flairs are available to players with Icons rewards equipped from the Invasion Game Mode.


List of all Star Guardian Champions Available in Invasion Game Mode.


Best Invasion Champions

Since there are so few Invasion champions to choose from, it much easier to narrow down whats winning the most. As expected Support champions tend to have a much higher win rate, but players should caution having too much support and not enough DPS is an issue when attempting High Scores.

  • S-Tier  Janna
  • A-Tier LuluJinxLux
  • B-Tier MissFortune
  • C-Tier  Ahri

Most Played

Jinx80.4%1Miss Fortune65.7%2Ezreal54.4%3Lux52.4%4Poppy49.2%5Soraka47.8%6Ahri47.1%7Syndra38.5%8Janna33.7%9Lulu30.9%10

Highest Win Rate

Janna40%1Soraka37.9%2Poppy36.6%3Lulu35.7%4Jinx34.4%5Lux32.7%6Ezreal32.6%7Miss Fortune31.8%8Ahri30.3%9Syndra28.9%10

Best Invasion Champions Builds

Here is a list of the best invasion champion builds, credit for this goes to a user named Steelflame who originally posted this on the lol boards.

Using this setup there are two primary roles here one is DPS, the damage dealers like ADC and Mage Caster Champions. The other is a Support and Tanks, they will always run the Stoneborn Pact Mastery.


Keystone: Stoneborn Pact


Key Stone:  Fervor of Battle

KeyStone: Stoneborn Pact

KeyStone: Stoneborn Pact



Keystone: Fervor of Battle


Keystone: Stoneborn Pact

Keystone: Fervor of Battle


Keystone: Fervor of Battle

League of Legends Invasion Guide

What You Should Know Before You Start

Each game/play-through of the Invasion Game Mode requires you to defeat several monsters.

  • 7 Encounters (Rounds)
  • At the end 1 Final Boss Fight for a total of 8
  • You will be given GOLD and a LEVEL between each Round, and have time to PURCHASE ITEMS.


When you are ready for the next round stand in the purple circle and channel the large star.

The 4 Types of Rounds (Invasion Encounters)

Here we have listed the 4 types of rounds/encounters you will find in this game mode and how to complete them.

  • #1 Survive
  • Defeat all enemies, once the last enemy is slain the round will end


  • #2 Run
  • You and your teammate must reach an Escape Point, once your entire time has made it to the Escape Point you will win the round.
    (Note: While out side of the ring you will begin to take damage.)


  • #3 Defend
  • You and your team are inside a protective shield and must withstand the attack of enemies and survive.
    (Note: Leaving the protective Shield will cause you to take damage.)
  • #4 Final Boss Fight
  • The 8th Round and last encounter is the Final Boss Fight.
    Defeat the LoL Invasion Final Boss Monster.

How Scoring Works In Invasion Game Mode

Thier are four major variables that will help you get the highest Invasion Score possible.

  • #1 Clear Score
    Awarded for completing a normal round
  • #2 Huge Monster Clear Score
    Awarded for completing a round with a tougher monster (every game will have four huge monster rounds.)
  • #3 Time Score
    Awarded for how quickly you clear an objective relative to a set time.
  • #4 Survival Bonus
    Awarded if one of no team members is killed while clearing an objective (the latter receives a higher bonus.)

LoL Invasion Monster List

  • Big Stompy Monster
  • HUGE Big Stompy Monster
  • Jumpy Slashy Monster
  • Scary Spitty Monster
  • Grumpy Burrow Monster
  • HUGE Grumpy Burrow Monster
  • Draggy Tail Monster
  • Shooty Eyeball Monster
  • HUGE Shooty Eyeball Monster
  • The Big One


LoL Tier List

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