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LoL Tier List 11.16.1 Patch Download PDF

Here you can download league of legends latest patch 11.16.1 pdf free. Latest Patch Lol tier list 9.20 easy to understand and download. League of Legends Patch 11.16.1 is live on the PBE. So far, the changes seem pretty small, but with the World’s patch removed in patch 11.16.1, it looks like Riot is about to make some significant changes.

In terms of balance, Garen’s ongoing improvements have been re-tested, while Victor has made some changes to his kit that I’m not sure will make his fans particularly happy. Most interesting, however, are the major changes to Shaco. Runeterra-based Killer Clown has a number of customizations that should make him a little more useful in a team fight, including AoE boxes and a series of buffs that should make using his passive much more interesting.

LoL Tier List 11.16.1 Patch

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In terms of skins, we return to the Wild West with three new high noon skins. Ashe looks bad in her new sheriff’s hat, but she’s likely to have to quit her job thanks to the frightening arrival of Hecarim and Darius.

Tier 1 Players

Pantheon (Middle)Pantheon (Top)Qiyana (Middle)Wukong (Jungle)Draven (Bottom)Kha’Zix (Jungle)Twitch (Bottom)Aurelion Sol (Middle)Pyke (Bottom)Karthus (Jungle)Sona (Bottom)Vladimir (Top)Pantheon (Jungle)Nautilus (Bottom)Miss Fortune (Bottom)Jax (Top)Xayah (Bottom)Heimerdinger (Middle)Vladimir (Middle)Quinn (Top)Rengar (Jungle)Kassadin (Middle)Elise (Jungle)Thresh (Bottom)Rakan (Bottom)Fizz (Middle)Kai’Sa (Bottom)Nidalee (Jungle).

Tier 2 Players

Talon (Middle)Maokai (Top)Nunu & Willump (Jungle)Evelynn (Jungle)Morgana (Bottom)Vi (Jungle)Xerath (Bottom)Blitzcrank (Bottom)Zilean (Bottom)Ekko (Jungle)Zed (Middle)Cassiopeia (Middle)Wukong (Top)Jhin (Bottom)Bard (Bottom)Anivia (Middle)Neeko (Bottom)Ekko (Middle)Akali (Top)Caitlyn (Bottom)Yasuo (Middle)Teemo (Top)Darius (Top)Taliyah (Middle)Sion (Top)Neeko (Middle)Janna (Bottom)Kindred (Jungle)Malzahar (Middle)Lulu (Bottom)Vayne (Bottom)Cho’Gath (Middle)Illaoi (Top)Jinx (Bottom)Kennen (Top)Vel’Koz (Middle)Lux (Middle)Sylas (Middle)Trundle (Top)Trundle (Jungle)Ahri (Middle)Olaf (Jungle)Urgot (Top)Skarner (Jungle)Kled (Top)Shen (Top).

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