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Countries that start with P

Countries that start with P

Countries that start with P

If you are in the search of the countries that start with the P then in this article we present the
information about those countries which start with the alphabetic letter p.There are total 12 countries which start with the p following are the names and some highlights about these countries.
Countries that start with P


          Pakistan is a beautiful country.It is officially the Islamic republic of Pakistan.It is situated in the south of Asia
It is the 6 most populous country of the world.The capital of the Pakistan is Karachi. the national currency of Pakistan is Rupee .
Pakistan population is 182.1 million as of 2013


        Palau is in the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean.It consists of 500 islands.Palau capital is Ngerulmud.Its currency is United states Doller.Its population is 20918 is of 2013.


            It is in the western Asia between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan river.Its capital is East Jerusalem.Its
currency is Jordanian dinar or Palestine pound.


         It is on the isthmus linking central and south America.Panama canal is famous in of this country.Panama capital is
Panama city.Panama currency is Panamanian Balboa.Its population is 3.64 million as of 2013.


               It is in the Southwestern Pacific,encompasses the eastern half of new guinea and its offshore islands.Its
capital is Port Moresby.Its currency is Papua New Guinean Kina.Its population is 7.321 million as of 2013.


           It is a landlocked country between Argentina ,Brazil, and Bolivia.It has many subtropical forests and wilderness
comprising savanna and scrubland.Its capital is Asuncion.Its currency is Paraguayan guarani.Its population is 6.802 million.


       It is in the South America.It is home to rain forests. Its capital is Lima.Its currency is Sol.Its population is
30.38 million.


            Its is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific.It consists of 7000 islands.Its capital is Manila.
Its currency is Philippine peso.Its population is 98.39 million as of 2013.


                    It is in the southern pacific ocean consist of 4 volcanic islands.Its capital is Adamstown.Its currency
is Mew Zealand Doller.


        It is an eastern European country on the Baltic sea.Its capital is Warsaw.Its currency is Polish zloty.Its population is
38.53 million as of 2013.


          It is a southern European country on the Iberian peninsula bordering Spain.Its capital is Lisbon.Its currency
is Euro.Its population is 10.46 as of 2013.


          It is a Caribbean island.It has many landscapes and very beautiful places.Its capital is San Juan.Its currency is
United states dollar. Its population is 3.548 million as of 2014

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