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List of Countries that start with T

List of Countries that start with T

List of Countries that start with T

We have a list of countries that start with T. There are total 15 countries which start with alphabet letter T.We gather some highlights about these countries for your help.There is some information about these countries.
List of Countries that start with T


           It is an East African country.The things famous about the Tanzania is its big wilderness areas.Serengeti National park is famous for its  big five animals that are the elephant,lion,leopard,buffalo and rhino.Tanzania capital city is Dodoma.Its currency is Tanzanian shilling.Its population is 49.25 million as os 2013.


            It is the central Asia and surrounded by the Caspian Sea and also covered by the Karakum Desert.Its capital is
Ashgabat.Its currency is Turkmenistan manat.Its population is 5.24 million as of 2013.


        Taiwan is a small island in the east of China it has traditional Chinese temples ,resorts, and many other things.
Its capital is Taipei.Its currency is New Taiwan dollar.Taiwan population is 23.51 million.


       It is in the South Pacific and it is an Independent island nation.It has total 9 islands.Its capital city is Funafuti.Its
currency is Australian dollars.Tuvalu population is 9876 as of 2013.


        It is an Islamic country in the East Europe.Its capital is Ankara and its currency is Turkish lira.Its population is
74.93 million as of 2013 record.


            It is also known as East Timor.It is a southeast Asian country occupying half the island of Timor .Its capital is
Dili and its currency is United states dollar.Its population is 1.178 million as of 2013.


        It is the North African country and bordering the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara Desert.Its capital is Tunis and currency is Tunisian dinar.Its population is 10.89 million.


        It is in the west Africa on the Gulf Of Guinea and is very famous for its palm lines beaches and hilltop villages. Its capital is Lome and currency are CFA franc.Its total population is 6.817 million as of 2013.


      It consists of more than 170 South pacific islands.Most of the islands are uninhabited.Its capital city is Nuku’alofa and currency in Tonga panga.Its population is 105323 as of 2013 record.


        It is a remote group of atolls in the South Pacific Ocean and halfway between the Hawaii and New Zealand. Its currency is English or Tokelauan. Its population is 1411 as of 2011.


                       It is an archipelago of 40 low-lying coral islands in the Atlantic ocean and its currency is United states
dollar. Its population is 33098 as of 2013.


             It is in the central Asia and its surrounding countries are Afganistan , China, Kyrgyzstan. It is famous for its
rugged mountains. Its capital is Dushanbe and currency is Tajisktani somoni.Its population is 8.208 million as of 2013.


           It is a Southeast Asian Country.Its currency is Thai baht and the capital city is Bangkok. Its population is 67.01 million.


                  It is a low and plain island mostly inhabited.


                    It is a dual island nation near Venezuela and its currency is Tobago dollar and its capital is Port of Spain.It’s the population is 1.341 million as o 2013.

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