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LoL 6.17 Champion tier list

LoL 6.17 Champion tier list

We have Lol 6.17 Champion Tier List. Up-To-Date Each LoL patch with our League of Legend animal scorekeepers & the Best Champion Picks / Block, have everything you need in Solo Queue Rank Up Rank & Dynamic Queue for season Rewards. Plus many list Bonus League animal like for each track and roller. Champion LoL animal list is made by means of Master / Challenger what we are working on. So that this is to find the most authentic Rank Dynamic Queue & Solo Queue animal list on the Internet for ranking up in League of Legends. Be sure to see our patch changes log, complete check with master list Animal Guides with regard to new products LoL. Stay ahead of LoL Meta with our LoL animal list on the same day patch notes are released.

LoL 6.17 Champion tier list

Top Lane Yorick • Aatrox • Shyvana • Rengar • Lissandra • Heimerdinger • Lulu • Gragas • Dr Mundo • Tahm • Mordkaiser
Jungle Aatrox • Pantheon • Shen • Dr. Mundo • Poppy • Shyvana • Nautilus • Quinn • Udyr
Mid Lane Varus • Kog’Maw • Ziggs • Ezreal • Nidalee • Corki • Jayce • Cho’Gath
AD Carry Urgot • Kennen • Kindred
Support Nunu • Annie • Vel’Koz • Shen • Veigar


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