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Dominica Republic Start with D

Countries That start with D

Countries That start with D

There are five countries that start with D.These all countries famous in the world and have best economic in the countries.Area and population of countries are big than others.

  • Denmark
  • Djibouti
  • Dominica
  • Dominica Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Denmark Start with D

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe. It occupies the lowland area. It also consists of several islands in the Baltic sea.

From 1500 B.C the population of present Denmark comes together from the society of hunters and fishers into one farmer that is called Jutland.

The country characterized by Saint Ansgar and Harald Blaatand the first Christian king in the 10th century.

The constitution of Denmark was signed on 5th June 1849. It establishes a constitutional monarchy. The current monarch is Queen Margrethe organizes as the parliamentary democracy. The government and national parliament are seated in Copenhagen the nation’s capital largest city and main commercial center.

Denmark exercises hegemonic influence in the Danish Realm creates power to handle internal affairs.

Denmark Start with D

  • Djibouti Start with D

Djibouti situated in the Horn of Africa. It is located in eastern Djibouti. It is almost 21 km northwest of the Somalia border. It is a seaport with the only sheltered harbor on the western side of the Gulf of Aden. The landscape around the city along with the Djibouti coastal lowlands is desert or semi-desert.

The climate of it is characterized by very hot. Average high temperatures range from 29 degrees  in the month of December and to about 42 degrees in the month of July.

Most appropriately there are two seasons in it. The summer is from May to September and the winter is from November to March. The rainy weather starts from the month of November to March.

Djibouti is divided into 21 districts. It is a city of peace and loving people where people come to enjoy yourself and seasonal events are also conducted here to make their masses more enjoying and patriotic with their country.

Djibouti Start with D

  • Dominica Start with D

Dominica is blanketed by untamed rainforest that a verdant backdrop to experiences such as an intense trek to a bubbling lake soothing your muscles in hot sulfur springs getting pummeled by waterfall snorkeling in a glass of champagne swimming up a narrow gorge.

Some delicious sight in the Dominica is we mentioned below here that make your memories fresh and ever in mind to look again.

  1. Indian River
  2. Emerald Pool
  3. Cabrits National park
  4. Trafalgar Falls
  5. Botanic Gardens
  6. Public Library
  7. Morne Bruce
  8. Kalinago Barana
  9. Old Market
  10. Public Market
  11. Dominica Museum
  12. Old Mill Cultural Center
  13. Soufriere Sulfur

Dominica Start with D

  • Dominica Republic Start with D

It is a Sovereign state occupying the eastern five eight of the island of Hispaniola in Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region.

The country was occupied by the United State from 1916 to 1924. In 1930 Trujillo became the president of the country through a Coup d’état

In 1965 there was a civil war between those that wanted Bosch Back on power and those that were opposed to him.

There was also some mountain chain in the Dominican Republic. The four main chain from North to South are

  • Cordillera Septentrional
  • Cordillera Central
  • Sierra de Neiba
  • Sierra de Bahoruco, known in Haiti as Massif de la Selle

The Dominican Republic has a total population estimated for July 2009. Of 9650054 inhabitants

About 64% of Dominicans live in cities and towns and 87% of people that are 15 years old or more can read and write.

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It is divided into 31 Provinces.

Dominica Republic Start with D

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Start with D

Established as an official Belgian colony in 1908. Then Republic of the congo gained its independence in 1960, but its early years were marred by political and social instability.

It is located in Central Africa, northeast of Angola. Its total area consists of2344858 SQ km and the landed area is 2267048 SQ km and 77810 SQ km area consisting of water.

Its Land boundaries are total 10481 km. The climate is hot and humid in equatorial river basin; cooler and drier in southern highlands cooler and wetter in eastern highlands.

Its natural resources include cobalt, copper, niobium, tantalum, petroleum, industrial and gem diamonds, gold , silver, zinc, manganese, timber , coal .

Democratic Republic of the Congo Start with D

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