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Countries that start with N

Countries that start with N

There are 10 countries that start with N letter.We gather all the countries which start with the alphabet letter
N and there is also some highlights about these countries.If you want information about the countries start with N than this article will prove helpful for you people.Following are the countries.
Countries that start with N


          It is situated in southwest Africa and known by Namib Desert and Atlantic Ocean coast.It is the hometown of many
wild animals and it have a significant population of cheetah.The capital of Naminia is WINDHOEK.Its currency is Namibian doller or
South African rand.Its population is 2486243


        It is a small island in Micronesia in the northeast of Australia.It  have white sand beaches and palm trees.It is very
beautiful country.Its capital is Yaren District.Its currency is Australian Doller.Its population is 10084


        Nepal is a landlocked country in the South Asia.Its capital is Kathmandu.Nepali is its national language.Its
currency is Nepalese rupee.Its population is 26.4 million.


             Netherland is in the northwest of europe.It is known for many reasons like its flat landscapes tulip fields,
windmills etc.Its capital is Amsterdam.Its currency is Euro.Its population is 16,990,133


             It is in the Southwst of pacific Ocean.It have 2 main islands both are known for volcanoes and galiation.It is
very beautiful country.Its capital is Wellington.Its currency is New zealand Doller.Is population 4.471 million.


          Nicaragua is between the Pacific ocean and caribbean Sea.Its significant features are lakes, volcanoes and beaches.
Its  capital is Managua.Its currency is Nicaraguan Cordoba.Its population is 6.08 milion.


       It is the landlockes country in the Western Africa.It is named on the Niger River.Its capial is Niamey.Its currency is
West African CFA Franc.Its population is 17.83 million.


       It is an African country on the Gulf of Guinea and have many natural landmarks and also known for its wildlife reserve
Its capital is Abuja.Its currency is Nigerian naira.Its population is 173.6 million.


             It is the country in the East Asia in the northern part of Peninsula.Its currency is North korean won.Its capital
is Pyongyang.Its population is 24.9 million.


         Itb is the scandinavian country its main features are mountains ,galciers etc.Its capital is Oslo.Its currency is
Norwegian krone.Its population is 5.084 million.
          These are the countries which start with the letter N.We hope this will might be prove helpfull for you thank you.

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