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Countries that start with M

Countries that start with M

Countries that start with M
If you are in search of countries start with the letter “M” then you come to the right place guys here you can find
all the countries which start with alphabet letter M.Here we also place the details about the countries so it might
be helpful for you  in getting information.There are total 21 countries which start with letter M.These are as follow:
Countries that start with M

             It is also called The Federated States of Micronesia. It is spread across the western Pacific Ocean comprising
more than 600 islands.Micronesia is consist of 4 island states these are Pohnpei,Kosrae,Chuuk,Yap.The famous thing about the
Micronesia is its palm-shaded beaches.Its currency is united states dollar.

             It is a country starts with letter M.It is situated on the southeast coast of Africa it is an island.Thousands of
animal spices are found here.Its currency is Malagasy ariary

           It is an overseas region of France.Martinique is the island that is part of Lesser Antilles.Its currency is Euro.
The capital of Martinique is fort de France.

        MACAU is situated on the south coast of China across the pearl river delta from hong kong.It is very
beautiful region.Macau currency is Macanese Pataca.

        Moldova is an eastern European country.It has may rocky hills forests and vineyards.The currency of Moldova
is Moldovan Leu

         It is an archipelago in the Indian ocean.It is also a region of France.Its currency is also Euro

          It is bordered by China and Russia.It has nomadic culture.Its currency is Mongolian toro

             It is a mountainous Caribbean island part of Lesser Antilles.Its currency is East Caribbean Doller

         It is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa.It has many valleys like Rift valley.Its currency is Malawian kwacha
  • MALI

         Mali is also republic Mali it is a landlocked country in west Africa.Its currency is west African CFA franc
These are the ten countries starts with letter M and there are more 11 countries start with M some are the countries and few are

Disputed countries like malta the remaining are as follow:

Marshall Islands

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