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Lol win rates 2017

Lol win rates

Lol win rates

We have the league of legends (Lol) win rates.Diamond players who quickly train their smurfs to Diamond ahead because they have more than 70% win rate, as they are Climbing, that is, they head 8 times faster than a player with 52.5% win rate.In addition, the diamond players play much more than a regular player so they will make more progress.

Are you an avid League of Legends player?

Once you have played at least 30 ranked games, please go your win rate now check.
I would have to mention the average profit rate in the Community, 50% ranked so not be disappointed if your win rate is low.

How much LP win per game? Suppose you win or lose 20 LP.

If you play 52.5% win rate and 20 games,
Your net profit is only 20 Lp (1 win), so
You have to play 100 games, just to get at this rate in a row!
This applies if you have consistent 52.5% win rate !!
With 55% win rate,
You will drive twice as fast, because your net income 40 Lp (2 wins) is
57.5% is
60LP (3 wins)
80LP (4 wins)

Lol win rates

Lol win rates

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